[A] Nicholls, David:
EC=JC2: John Cage as Exemplary Creator,
Jg. 5 (2002) S. 76-85

In his 1993 book Creating Minds, psychologist Howard Gardner analyses the conditions that maintained in the early lives of such major cultural figures as Freud, Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky, and Eliot. Extrapolating from the common ground he identifies between these figures, Gardner ultimately paints a 'Portrait of the Exemplary Creator'. In this paper, I argue that John Cage is, by virtue both of his particular background and his extraordinary achievements, to a very considerable degree an archetypal example of such an 'exemplary creator'. As such, Cage therefore deserves to be placed not at the margins, but rather--like the subjects of Gardner's book--at the centre of our understanding of modern culture.

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Dokument erstellt am 3. Dezember 2002