Richard McGregor:
Interpreting Compositional Process in Wolfgang Rihm's Chiffre Cycle
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Jg. 10 (2007), S. 26-70

The article is in two parts. The first part explores analytically Chiffre [I] and Chiffre II from Wolfgang Rihm's series of eight compositions bearing that title. The analysis sets in place a vocabulary (based on the composer's own poetics found in the collected edition of his writings) with which to interrogate his compositional style in these works. The works are also contextualised within the composer's output and the article explores the nature of Rihm's declared intent in these works of 'seeking a new means of expression'.
The second part of the article uses the foregoing analytical vocabulary to examine the sixth work in the cycle which is both a climax and an anti-climax, and offers some suggested interpretations of Rihm's compositional processes within the context of 'the cycle' at a key point in his compositional career.

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