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  1. General

  2. Aims of the Journal

  3. Frequency and Methods of Publication

  4. Distributions and Costs

  5. Legal Notices

  6. Format of Submissions

  7. Note for publishers

  8. Contact details

1. General:

The Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft (abbreviated as FZMw) is an online publication. The editors intend to use the possibilities of worldwide communication systems in order to offer a forum to the discipline of musicology.

The FZMw can therefore disseminate its authors' submissions quickly and over the widest possible area.

The journal was established at the end of 1997 on the initiative of Dr. Wolfgang Krebs. Since January 1998 it was edited by Clemens Gresser (until November 2007) and Wolfgang Krebs and since January 2001, additionally by Arne Stollberg. In June 2002 the editorial team was strengthened by Annette Förger and Wolfgang Marx.


2. Aims of the Journal:

The FZMw is not limited to any particular theme, and accepts submissions from anyone. It contains articles, reviews and reports.

The FZMw also offers a section "Texte und Materialien" (Texts & Materials). These materials are intended to be of use to those studying or teaching musicology.

The FZMw does not intend to promote any particular scholarly viewpoint, nor to propagate any philosophical or methodological approach. The content of individual contributions does not reflect the opinions of the editors.

The FZMw also offers students of musicology the possibility to contribute. The main principle here is that contributions offer something new and relevant for the discipline. Submissions which are essentially university essays will be refused.

Despite being an internet journal, the FZMw nevertheless follows the traditional conventions regarding the use of secondary literature. On the other hand, some of the peculiarities of the electronic medium are taken into account (see point 6 of "Format of Submissions").


3. Frequency and Methods of Publication

The FZMw is updated after the acceptance of an article. Accompanying documents of the FZMw serve to support the articles of the main text.

The languages of the FZMw are German and English. The journal is stored on the server at Every contribution since January 2004 appears only in the PDF format. The web site contains a table of contents for all past issues. Each year of the journal is numbered through.

The URL of the home page is: Additionally, the Deutsche Bibliothek [national deposit library for Germany] archives the FZMw. Its archive of online journals last saved the FZMw on 27/03/2003; see:


4. Distributions and Costs:

Access to the FZMw over the internet is free of charge.

A mailing list provides updates about newly published contributions.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, only these addresses need to be emailed (subject line or message body should be left blank). Contact: in the case of problems or questions.


5. Legal Notices:

The FZMw does not pursue any commercial interests. As well as being free of charge, we do not include any advertising within the web site.

Authors who want to publish in the FZMw assign us the rights to disseminate their work in every form and medium, within legal limits. Authors must possess the relevant rights to reproduce secondary literature and/or musical examples, i.e. must have gained permission from the relevant copyright holder. Graphics (for example music examples) may not impinge on the rights of any third party.

After publication, no further alterations to texts will be possible. The FZMw undertakes not to make any alterations to the content of submissions after publication. There is the possiblity for authors to correct their texts on a corrigenda page. This page will be published as a separate item in the volume and listed as such in the table of contents.

Submissions should be sent to .


6. Format of Submissions:

Authors should submit their work on disc or via e-mail. Data will only be accepted in word for windows format (Version 6.0 or above), or in formats which can be converted into this programme. Documents must be complete, including all graphics, music examples or other additions. Please also submit a short information – not longer than 50 words – about yourself and an abstract (this does not apply to reviews or reports).

The layout of documents should correspond to the following guidelines:

The layout of the different types of contributions should start as follows:

Quoting web pages:

Technical notes:


7. Note for publishing companies:

For publications in English, which you would like to have reviewed: Please contact one of the editors. In order to keep costs and unnecessary expenses to a minimum the FZMw tries to find a reviewer before accepting a publication for reviewing.

List of review copies received.


8. Contact details

Editors Annette Förger

Nicole Grimes

Wolfgang Marx

Arne Stollberg (Review editor for German publications)

Britta Sweers



Postal address: Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft, c/o Arne Stollberg, Institut für Musikwissenschaft der Universität Bern, Hallerstr. 5, CH - 3012 Bern, Switzerland


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